Avalaunch Media Celebrates being #42 Fastest Growing Utah Company


Utah has earned the nickname “Silicon Slopes” because of the impressive growth of companies in the technology and life sciences sector. Business is booming in Utah and yesterday the 100 fastest growing companies were presented by the MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN). The Avalaunch Media team was honored to be named #42 on this list!!

Naturally, we had to celebrate!

Among other things we had awards (all $42 worth), 42 minutes of PTO, 42 pieces of bacon, 42 minutes of lunch with Mat, dance offs, yogurt eating contest, shout-outs for each other, high-five challenges, impromptu karaoke, and trust falls! We compiled the best of our celebration below:

Yogurt Eating Contest (Andy is a Chobani Champ) between Justin and Andy

Dance Off between Zach and Derek

Andy Throwing Down GRILLZ

The SEO Team Trust Fall

Personally, it’s been exciting to see this growth. I started at Avalaunch (then Dream Systems Media) in Feb 2012 when Mat, Dave and Andy decided to start hiring and grow their business. In my opinion, the best moves they’ve made have been to hire the right people that fit the Avalaunch culture. This team has something special that translates to great service for our clients and growth for the company. You know you’re in a good place when Mondays don’t feel like Mondays.

Thank you to our employees, clients, and friends who have supported us all these years and contributed to our growth!


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