Be Integrity

Avalaunch Media is excited to announce a new core value: “Live Whole. Be Integrity.” This value joins the other eight core values already in place at Avalaunch, which help our employees work together and provide the best service possible to our clients.

A Positive Model

Leading up to this announcement, we asked employees to read “Integrity — A Positive Model” by Michael Jensen. In the article, Jensen defines integrity as a person keeping their word. Even if an individual cannot always keep their word, they can still honor it and maintain their integrity. Such a character trait is needed for a person to be whole — and it’s necessary among employees for optimal workability and performance.

As I’ve been on this integrity journey for the past month, I 100% subscribe to the idea that integrity is necessary to maximum performance. I feel like I’ve had better performance as I’ve been more mindful of integrity.” — Dave Mink, Avalaunch Founding Partner 

After the company read this article, the executives at Avalaunch met with each team in person to hold group discussions about integrity and what it means to each individual. Every team had unique and enlightening insights on the article, and everyone came away with a fuller understanding of what integrity means and its importance to the company as a whole. 

Our teams reached a consensus that integrity is vital to living an honest life. However, sometimes life happens, and it isn’t always possible to keep your word. In these cases, integrity means taking responsibility, honoring your promises, and resolving issues that arise because you couldn’t keep your commitments. We resolved that it’s not enough to keep your word only when it’s convenient to do so. If your word is considered cheap, you will have difficulty building real and lasting relationships — both in your professional and personal life.

Celebrating Success

At the beginning of June, Avalaunch gathered employees for a town hall meeting to introduce integrity as a new core value. The executive team made the decision to add this value because they feel that integrity is at the heart of what it means to be an Avalaunch employee and defines what clients can expect when working with the company.

During this meeting, we also reviewed company goals and key results that have been achieved so far this year and what we hope to achieve throughout the rest of the year. We also discussed client feedback and where we are excelling. It was an excellent opportunity to come together as a company, celebrate our successes, and plan for further growth. Everyone left the meeting feeling optimistic about and excited about what we can achieve together moving forward.

Working Together

The new core value of “Live Whole. Be Integrity.” fits in seamlessly with each of the other values that we have embraced since our founding. Our current core values include:

  • Creating Believers
  • Project Positivity
  • Be Proactive
  • Deliver Distinguished Service
  • Thrive on Communication
  • Trust the Team
  • Initiate Innovation
  • Enjoy the Ride

Keeping Our Word

“Deliver Distinguished Service” and “Trust the Team” coincide particularly well with “Live Whole. Be Integrity.” Delivering distinguished service means doing what we say we’re going to do, which is another way of having integrity with our clients and keeping our word. Trusting the team means we trust our fellow teammates to have integrity and honor their word, ensuring we can all deliver on our promises and create the best possible services and deliverables for our clients — and each other.

Being integrity is also essential to our first core value of creating believers. If our employees couldn’t see the integrity that goes into Avalaunch processes and services, they’d have difficulty believing in what we do. Creating believers enables our company to deliver the caliber of service and products our clients have come to expect from us. 

Leading to Proactivity and Communication

Integrity is also necessary for our values of proactivity and positivity. Our team members have to believe in our company’s integrity to have a positive outlook on their jobs, be proactive, and go above and beyond for clients. With a belief and trust that Avalaunch is looking out for its employees and will keep its promises, our employees are more likely to keep their promises and deliver integrity as well.

Integrity also leads to innovation and top-notch communication. People who feel heard and know they can trust communications from their employer are more likely to communicate well themselves and reach for innovation in everything they do. But, like everything else, that initial trust has to be there, and the company’s integrity has to be evident before trust can be built.

Our Best Version

Last but not least, people cannot embrace our value of enjoying the ride if they don’t feel like there is integrity within the company. We want our people to enjoy their jobs, and integrity makes that possible; when employees can count on each other (and the company as a whole) to be integrity, they will be able to enjoy the ride of every day and experience better job satisfaction, reduced stress, and greater happiness in their careers overall.

It’s clear that integrity is necessary at every level of an organization in order for it to thrive. With this new addition to our core values, we are looking forward to continually building a company that values and respects its employees and clients and helps people become the best version of themselves. Avalaunch prides itself on hiring people who are committed to these same values and building an unstoppable team. 

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