David Mink Speaking At SMX West 2009

Hear David Mink Speak At SMX West For those of you who are still thinking about maybe going to SMX West 2009, it’s not to late. You can still save $200 if you are planning on attending SMX West 2009 Feb. 10 – 12. The deadline for saving is midnight tonight, 1/9 (just a couple hours away so hurry). In addition to encouraging your attendance because I’ll be speaking at the event, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate my partner, and friend, David Mink on getting asked to speak at SMX West as well. Among the many other things that David does for Dream Systems, he is also our Chief Legal Officer here at Dream Systems Media and a dang good Internet marketer. He has been working in the field of internet marketing since starting his own ecommerce business back in 2000, and he is a licensed attorney in the State of Utah and one of the smartest guys I know. David will be speaking on Day 2, Wed. 2/11 at 10:30 am. Here is the description of the session he will be speaking in:
Legally Speaking: Recent Legal News About Search – What’s up with legal issues and search engines? That’s what this session is about – filling you in on the always changing developments. From click fraud to copyright to privacy, this session will hit all the major areas that are seeing legal action. Sit back – court is in session!
Here you can find further details, including the speaking bio for David Mink. Good Luck Dave!

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