Dream Systems Media has become Avalaunch Media

Dream Systems Media has become Avalaunch Media, and I am very excited to introduce all of you to a new company that boasts a fantastic team of content marketing experts, witty writers, world-class designers, social media geeks, and pay per click marketing pros — Meet the Avalaunchers. The Story I’ve been a website marketer for over a decade. In 2008, I decided to join forces with two of the smartest guys in this industry, who just happened to also be very good friends of mine (hello Dave and Andy), in a collaborative effort known to many of you as Dream Systems Media. Happily, Dream Systems Media has been a big success and over the last four+ years we have grown from a few guys with a dream (yes, that was a pun) to a well-respected online and content marketing firm. We’ve now orchestrated online marketing campaigns for more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies and are being sought out by top companies all over the world! So, we have decided to do business with a name, look, and overall brand that better captures who we are, what we do, and why people should care. Enter Avalaunch Media. So, what’s changed? Well, in some respects not as much as you might think… Dave, Andy, and I are once again joining forces, this time with a few grey hairs, a desire to do business under a name that transfers meaning, and a slightly different perspective on website marketing and its future. Avalaunch is not your average startup Internet marketing company— our team consists of successful business owners, attorneys, MBAs, and professionals with years of experience in both the public and private sectors. The founding Avalaunchers, David Mink, Andrew Melchior, and myself are frequent speakers at industry events like SMX, Pubcon, Search Engine Strategies, and other national and local conferences. In our eyes, website marketing should be (and has certainly become) less about shortcuts and optimization ‘secrets’ and a lot more about building real value in the eyes of the consumer, a search engine, and any other person or program that matters to our client through straight forward and well-executed advertising and content production. We have built Avalaunch around the core services that 1) we are best at, 2) that our clients (past and present) find the highest return on investment with, and 3) with a team of superstars who can hold their own in any board room (shout out to the rest of the Avalaunch team – Brandon, Carlos, Greg, Luke, Summer, Jarred, Jenny, and Tyler!). Our core services are: consulting, content marketing (infographics, linkbait articles etc.), pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, social media promotion, and reputation management. We believe that these tactics together create brand awareness, inbound traffic, customer acquisition, lead generation, customer retention and customer loyalty on a level unmatched by other website marketing tactics. Avalaunch Media works with its clientele both directly and as a white label service provider. If you are already a client of Dream Systems Media, now Avalaunch Media, we thank you for your trust and look forward to continuing to service you and your business and think you’ll find we are simply on to even bigger and better things. If you haven’t worked with our companies before, we think you’d like getting to know us and how our services can lauch you into the stratosphere of success. Matt Siltala – Founding Launcher, Avalaunch Media And my partners David Mink – Founding Launcher, Avalaunch Media Andrew Melchior – Founding Launcher, Avalaunch Media
Avalaunch Founders
Avalaunch Founding Launchers – Matt Siltala, Andrew Melchior & David Mink

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  1. Shannon says:

    You know these boys ROCK?! We enjoyed seeing you and your family Mat, during your last road trip:) Excited for all you Avalaunchers!

  2. japanese maple trees says:

    Hello there, I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for this ……. I have noticed one in your pages, it takes so long to load

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