Dynamic Display Creation for Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Targeted Advertising: Getting Started with Dynamic Display

Even if you’re convinced you have your online marketing strategy dialed in, you may want to consider another way to amp your conversions — dynamic display. Dynamic what? Dynamic display is a way of targeting your customer base by using data to drive a more relevant message to your audience.  Haven’t heard about dynamic display? There’s a good chance your competitors may have, so let’s get you started.

Over the past decade, the digital marketing industry has built to the point where display advertisements can be dynamically assembled in an instant, based on consumer data, context, and inventory availability, and other criteria.  Dynamic display is a highly tailored method to deliver your creative for programmatic or site-direct ad placements.

Benefits of dynamic creative ads include:

  • Send more personalized messaging to your audience;
  • Touch your consumer throughout their buying cycle process
  • Use real-time data to deliver messaging based on triggers like weather feeds, abandoned cart items, airline travel times, and many others
  • Streamline creative process & production time
  • Increase conversions

Sounds useful, right? And with the proper expertise, it’s not difficult to get your strategy started.

Here are the steps Avalaunch Media can set up to get your dynamic display happening:

We’ll set triggers to optimize your messaging

Depending on your purpose and target audience, triggers may relate to the time of day, geography, site engagement, audience, weather changes, sports stats and cart abandonment.

Ramp up your retargeting

Step one is to deliver personalized messages to your audience based on their behavior on your site.  If you’re a tire company but also do oil changes, is it relevant to send your potential customer a deal on tires when they’re looking for an oil change?  Step two: If you have an inventory feed, make sure it is synced to your display.  If your customer is searching for a white all-wheel drive SUV, re-target them using options from your inventory.

Employ real-time delivery

Utilizing real-time data delivers your messaging Application Program Interface (API) into feeds such as weather, travel, and other relevant subjects. For example, if you have a seasonal business: Weather affects your customer buying cycle, so it’s effective if you deliver relevant messaging based on climate.

Set up GEO targeting parameters

Consider — where are your customers and what are their unique needs? How can you customize your display to tap into their specific location? This type of targeting can be particularly helpful for franchised businesses. You should deliver a unified look with location-specific messaging.

Create a storyboard or sequential message

Think display can’t be long-form? Think again. Why not start with a branded message, then send your audience engaging information about your products, and finally, follow up with a sales offer.

dynamic creative roadmap for weather based display targeting


Dynamic creative is only as powerful as the data behind it.  Data directs the ad buying process as well as the messaging delivered. Ultimately applying a customized look to your ads results in greater resonance. Your audience will appreciate it, and your conversions should spike.


Contact Avalaunch Media about how to incorporate this highly-effective, tailored digital marketing approach into your marketing campaigns.








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