Our Yeti Has a Name, a Face, and a Butt

Our Yeti Has a Name, a Face, and a Butt

Our Yeti officially has a name, a face, and a butt!

This announcement comes just in time for PubCon.  We’ll be showing off our new Yeti at PubCon and there may be some Yeti swag for a select few.  Look for some more Yeti swag moving forward.

We had 2 different designs to choose from.  To see the original post go to https://avalaunchmedia.com/blog/help-us-pick-a-yeti-and-name-him and check it out.

Hopefully your Yeti and name got chosen the main names we were choosing from were:

  • Eddy
  • Launch
  • Mitch
  • Rocky
  • Yancey

I’ve posted some graphs to the right to illustrate the final results.

And the winner is:

Eddy the Yeti

Say hello to Eddy.

Eddy stands just under 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  He spends a lot of time chilling out in front of his computer, sitting on his butt, helping businesses launch successful campaigns online. He has a very distinct birthmark on his right cheek in the shape of the Avalaunch logo.  If you would like Eddy to help your business launch a successful online marketing campaign, contact us today.

Leave a comment to give Eddy a shout out and let him know what you think of him.

Download Eddy’s Google Chrome Theme

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