Social MEowDia Explained

UPDATE 3/11/2016 – Version 2 launched during SearchFest in Portlandcheck out Social MeOWdia Explained REDUX


While social media might be second nature to some of the more tech savvy individuals of the world, it’s a fully foreign language to others – even those that feel they have a solid understanding of the platform are often blind-sided by some of the totally new social sites that seem to be popping up left and right.

Well, with that, we’d like to explain exactly what social media is and how the various sites each offer their own take on the technology.

Of course, we’re well aware that you’ve seen social media explained to the layman before, however, in honor of our presentation at Search Fest 2013, we’ve added some of the newer sites, such as Pinterest, Yelp and Spotify, that might still have you puzzled … oh, and beyond that, have you ever seen it explained by cute little kitties?

The answer is no, you haven’t. The only question is do you like that static graphic, or motion graphic better? (Social MeOWdia Explained Video)

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