The Dream Team Gets Dirty

Have you ever kept yourself up late at night wondering what the Dream Systems Media team does in their free time? No? Well, you’re about to find out anyway. A few members of the team put away their squeaky clean office shoes and laced up their sneakers to run in the Dirty Dash over the weekend. The Dirty Dash is 5.5 mile run (walk for the majority of the peeps) in Soldier Hollow, Utah, broken up by several mud pits, cargo net walls, hay barrels, wooden walls, a 50 foot long inflatable slide, and more mud. Dave and I did our best to train as little as possible yet still be able to finish the race!

Pre-race cleanliness… and JesseAnn repping the DSM tanktop!

The dirty dive.

Post race dirtiness.

Jesseann and Dave and a shout out to Mat for the high quality tank top that survived the race!

Luke and his bro in laws.

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