This Post Is Dedicated To Matt McGee

How about this for a headline: Matt McGee, an Arizona Cardinals fan?

Matt McGee, a great friend of mine was such an awesome sport about this. Ok, maybe he was a little upset at himself for making this bet (The Arizona Cardinals would get further in the 2009 season than the Seahawks), but we had fun with it. To show my appreciation to Matt I wanted to make sure and post the pics for ALL to see. Here ya go Matt:

Matt McGee hesitant to put on the jersey!
Matt McGee wearing a Cardinals Jersey
This looks hard for this Seahawks fan
Matt McGee wearing an Arizona Cardinals Jersey
Matt still not looking "happy" with this fake smile here.
Matt McGee wearing Arizona Cardinals Jersey
What a good sport wearing the jersey during his Twitter clinc
Matt McGee wearing Arizona Cardinals Jersey
Love this, Thanks Matt for being such a good sport!

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