• Facebook Ads = Crappy Relevance?


    Feb 16 2009
    Is This Google Ad Relevant?

    Is This Google Ad Relevant?

    As I was in my Facebook the other day this ad was showing up, and it raised the question about relevance. (and several other questions)

    Would an ad like this be allowed on Google?  I am still not aware of the quality scores on Facebook ads, but would you actually click on this ad? Do you really think that a girl with … two obvious features is going to help make you 10k a month?  I am thinking these are very poor ads that will have a low conversion rate.  Who cares if the CTR is high, its all about the conversion IMO.

    I guess Facebook just wants to cash in because I think these ads are crap.  Look, I get it – sex sells, but why would you waste money on these kind of ads?  They would be better off, and probably make more money if they had a page to other “Google Girls” and had adsense on the page with links to a contest, or “Submit your Google Girl pictures here?”

    THAT, would be more relevant and give users more of a reason to click – Don’t ya think?