10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Twitter

Ok, the title should read 10 Reasons how I know that I am addicted to Twitter, but play along – you might get a laugh…

I have been using Twitter more over the last several months then ever before, even though I have been a member now for almost two years. I have been noticing some disturbing trends in my behavior on Twitter over the last few months and am here to confess them with you all!

Follow a Twitter Obsessed Person
Follow a Twitter Obsessed Person

1.  The first thing you do in the morning, before anything is to check Twitter – I mean a lot could have happened in the last 8 hours since you were sleeping.  Can’t. Miss. Anything.
2.  Second thing you do after checking your Twitter is to get your phone, head downstairs and while heading downstairs …. go ahead and pull up Twitter again because a few minutes have now passes and you may have missed something.  Still. Can’t. Miss. Anything.
3.  Pissed off when walking around Target and you can’t Twitter because you never can get any bars inside a Target.  Please someone confirm my conspiracy theory and tell me Target does this on purpose!  I mean – come one, how am I suppose to shop for bananas without letting everyone on Twitter know I am doing so!
4.  Obsessing over @guykawasaki to much – Do you ever wonder how many people are really running, and really behind all the @guykawasaki tweets?  Do you honestly think its one man?  I mean, come one – I think I tweet a lot during the day.  How does he do it?
5.  You get annoyed when you think of work that actually has to get done during the day because you are going to miss out on all those amazing tweets. Still. Don’t. Want. To. Miss. Anything.
6.  Have a 20 minute (or longer) conversation 140 characters at a time with a friend on Twitter (annoying everyone else with all your tweets – or entertaining them, depending on how you look at it) when you could just pick up the phone and get it done in 10 seconds.  Ah, but that’s how you know your addicted – its much funner to do it on Twitter right??  @graywolf and @sugarrae know what I am talking about
7.  You are up at midnight posting about how you are addicted to Twitter, FAIL
8.  When you get up at night to go potty (or for whatever reason) and you wonder whats been going on in Twitter land.  That’s why I sleep with the iPhone next to the bed, with Twitter mobile ready to go!  Again. Still. Can’t. Miss. Anything. (shaking now)
9.  When people ask you; “What have you been up to?”, instead of telling them, you just tell them to “follow you” – in fact, make sure you guys are following me on Twitter ..
10.  What am I still doing up???  (completely shaking on the ground now in convulsions) But. I. Don’t. Want. To. Miss. Anything!!!

Bonus Sign – You shake your head in disbelief when people tell you they don’t know what Twitter is.  That should be a crime!

Now that was fun, and I feel much better for confessing!  Anyway, I would love to hear about your obsessions with Twitter and learn about even more reasons people are addicted to Twitter.  It will also help me feel like I am a much more normal person.

15 thoughts on “10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Twitter

  1. Mat Siltala says:

    @Ryan – how could I have left that one out? I am a luck many though … my wife uses technology as much as I do, and maybe what I should have put there is we Twitter to each other more then talk….hah Thanks for the comment!

  2. @J_T_Ray says:

    I was in my bed at midnight last night playing on twitter while my wife talked to me. She absolutely hates Twitter for the simple fact that I’m always checking up on it no matter what else is going on (ie. crying baby, phone ringing, wife talking to me, etc.). Totally addicted.

  3. Mat Siltala says:

    @J_T_Ray – yup, your an addict!

    @Frank Reed – that will be my next Twitter post – the 12 step program! lol

    @Hemanshu Jain – couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Thanks for the comments guys! You make this post even funner!

  4. @J_T_Ray says:

    Please email me the link to the 12 step program when it comes out. I’ve already admitted that I’m an addict but I don’t think I want to give it up!

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  6. Hidama says:

    Alas, I too, am a “twaddict.” Although I might not check Twitter late at night, Twitter follows me practically everywhere. It’s rare for me to go longer than four hours (save while I’m sleeping) without any Twitter interaction.

    To prove I’m a Twitter addict (twaddict) I present the following evidence:

    – For a while I had the urge to put @ in front of all relevant proper nouns.

    – I have considered what is Twitter etiquette (ie, moving “chat convos” into DM not to disturb people)

    – I have gotten a call to check my the latest tweet of someone we both were following. I was late to the meeting because I had to reply to that tweet.

    – I planned a tweetup.

    – When I leaned back too far in my chair, my friend who was sitting next to me got out his iPhone and tweet’d me , ‘how was the fall?’

  7. Mat Siltala says:

    @Hidama – thanks for the additions and sharing your comments here. I love Twitter and connecting with all others that share my passions (or I guess obsessions)

  8. @muzzysgirl says:

    How about when my phone make it’s distinct ring when a new tweet comes across my Twitterberry and my 6 month old son looks around to see my phone. We often tweet all night long as he lays sleepless next to me.

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