4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

Twitter in Active Moms Magazine
Twitter in Active Moms Magazine
I love when I see businesses who are using social marketing to its fullest potential.  I particularly love to see them incorporating their social media marketing into their offline promotions.  It is fun to see things I had not yet thought of.  I will typically write these strategies down and keep them in my bank of ideas that I think are cool, because I know at some point I might be using the same technique for myself or a client. Offline Twitter Use #1 In a magazine – The whole reason for writing this post came from something I saw in one of those local free magazines that you get while eating out.  What was even more pleasant for me was that my wife saw it when she was looking through the magazine and was like, “cool, check out these guys promoting their Twitter.”  My wife knows the value of Twitter and understands how it can help companies.  This company also had a spot for Facebook (see picture), but my only advice would have been to include a little more info for people who may be less familiar with social networks like Twitter.  I might have said something like – “Follow us on Twitter for weekly coupons” or “Follow us on Twitter to know when we are having sales, rather than just stating “Follow us on Twitter.”  Don’t get me wrong, I think it was awesome they were smart enough to have the ad in the magazine, but if they just took it a bit further it would be so much more powerful for their business.  Additionally, I think they should have included their Twitter URL in the ad. I mean we are smart people and can probably search Twitter and find you, but why not make it easy? Offline Twitter Use #2 On A Post Card – The other day I got a post card from someone in the mail who is following me on Twitter.  The post card was sent to ask if I would follow them back and tweet about their services (once I had tried them) if I liked them.  This is a great way to show people you are interested in their feedback.  It’s also a super way to attract new customers if you have a quality product.  Even though they were kind of spamming me, because I did not opt in, it was cool to get something in the mail that was about following on Twitter.  I guess its just the geek in me!  Here is an idea – If I owned a furniture store and had a Twitter account that was offered daily home decorating tips – I would work hard to get local people following me.  I would then send postcards with Twitter only savings, like “bring this card on Saturday and we will take an additional 20% off your entire purchase amount.”  Limit the deal/postcard to only people who follow you on Twitter.  After a few rounds of post cards, the word would spread, and wow will you have a following!  I saved the card for this post (so I could snap a picture of it and share), but of course when it comes time to post my blog, I can’t find the post card.  So, your imagination will have to do! Offline Twitter Use #3
Follow me on Twitter billboards
Follow me on Twitter billboards
Billboards – The other day I was driving (here in Phoenix) and saw a billboard with a HUGE follow us on Twitter promotion for a local radio station.  Again, I love it when businesses embrace social media and unleash the power that lies therein!  I didn’t take a snapshot of the billboard, because I was driving (and I am a good driver ;), so I thought I would come up with a graphic to illustrate it!  Obviously, not everyone has the budget for a billboard, but if there are any large businesses out there reading this blog post with a good budget – you know what to do! Actually, in many places billboards are not as expensive as you might think.  I know of a highly trafficked area in Utah County, Utah off I-15 and while I lived there the billboards were running anywhere from $1500 – $3500/ per month.  That kind of money will not kill a large corporation’s budget.  I have checked in smaller trafficked areas too and the monthly budget is down to $250/ per month.  Very affordable for a small business to use as another marketing option! Offline Twitter Use #4
Twitter URL on business cards
Twitter URL on business cards
Twitter address on business cards – I have shared this one before, in fact I was one of the first to blog about including your Twitter URL on your business card.  Other big names in the industry like Danny Sullivan have also blogged about the importance of this.  It is just another great way to get more followers and help people to be interested in you.  Potential customers will get to know more about your and what your like when you invite them to follow you on Twitter.   I am sorry this picture is not a better one, but I think you get the point.  I also think by including your Twitter URL you can create better conversations with potential clients.  For instance, they may ask you what Twitter is, and you now you have the perfect opportunity to discuss social networks and impress them with your extensive expertise.  I know it seems silly, but it has happened to me several times and really is a great conversation starter! In Conclusion: These are just 4 of the things I have seen lately when it comes to really good uses of Twitter offline.  I would also love to hear of any other techiques that you guys have heard of or may be using.  I always love to find new ways offline to use Twitter and hope you enjoyed this post.   As a business owner, I appreciate any feedback you guy have!  Since this post is about Twitter – here is my shameless plug – please feel free to follow me on Twitter!

31 thoughts on “4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

  1. Ching Ya says:

    It’s funny, yet appealing to see ads on magazines, proclaiming they have a twitter account and ‘do follow us’! Great strategy, I must admit. We can no longer underestimate the power of social media. This is enlightening and I’ve seen couple of RTs already about this article. ^^ Works like a charm.

    Social Media/Blogging

    Ching Ya’s last blog post..5 Easy Twitter Styles To Promote Your Article

  2. Mat Siltala says:

    @Ching Ya
    That’s exactly what I have been saying to my customers and clients – we can no longer ignore the power of social media. We need to embrace it and figure out how to make it work for our business. Great comment! Thanks for dropping by and posting!

  3. Gerald Weber says:

    I love the idea of promoting your social media efforts offline as well. Too many companies have a disconnect in their marketing strategy. They’re doing one thing online, and offline, they’re doing something completely different. A healthy marketing campaign is one that’s connected in all facets. Unity is the key. Promoting your Twitter account offline just makes sense.

  4. Brandon Buttars says:

    @Carson Poppenger
    That’s cool. That’s a great idea. @Mat Siltala good ideas. I think it’s an awesome tool to help your customers pay attention to what you’re up to as a business. Secret coupon codes sent out that expire after a day or so. Things like that are awesome.

  5. @ayakobing says:

    I love all these offline uses of twitter. I made sure to add my twitter handle on my new business cards I recently ordered and I also have that on my e-mail signature. I’m even thinking about making a custom t-shirt! Twitter has been the place to go for me to network and I’m loving it.

  6. Jesse says:

    Terrific article, you have a ton of really valid points here. Social media should be mentioned in packaging, postcards and tied into every other campaign. When will companies stop looking at each aspect of their marketing media as “silos”.

  7. Mat Siltala says:

    Glad you liked the article and I think people are starting to realize they need to look outside the marketing box and figure out what it’s going to take to compete in today’s aggressive online market!

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  9. Mat Siltala says:

    I hadn’t thought about that, but that is a great offline promotional tool for your Twitter account. It makes me think of those business vehicles that have the stickers and decals all over them – they could incorporate their Twitter into that as well. Good thinking! Thanks for coming on by and commenting!

  10. RendaDMRegister says:

    More people need to think like this! The first thing I did after signing up on Twitter was to add the twitter url with my user name to the automatic signature in my email – so everyone I share email with sees it. Seems I’m the only one at my newspaper doing it – at least that I have seen.

    Also, @smash50309 – a store in Des Moines, IA – was talking about making a shirt with the front @_________ & the back “Are you following me?”

  11. Mat Siltala says:

    Good for you! I bet others will see what you are doing and it will catch on. It’s crazy that I have been using Twitter for over two years not and its finally getting its much deserved attention. I just hope it does not get main streamed right out of its usefulness! Thanks for your comments as well as dropping by and reading!

  12. Fabulous Photo Gifts says:

    Hi Mat – another great post and one I intend to implement asap.

    One thing I have learned is that businesses using social media like Twitter shouldn’t assume that a portion of their potential customers won’t understand the medium (i’m thinking elderly people here).

    Many of them are very Internet savvy indeed – seeing the potential of being able to review prospective purchases, having them delivered and installed etc from the comfort of their homes – everything from weekly groceries to new fridges and holidays.

    Particularly when (Twitter in particular) has received such media interest recently and been endorsed by celebrities, many of whose audiences (@wossy – Jonathan Ross – TV and radio presenter in the UK) span a wide selection of the population.

    By all means jump in and take advantage of media coverage promoting a social marketing tool to such an extent.

    Jonathan – http://twitter.com/fabphotogifts

    Fabulous Photo Gifts’s last blog post..Work from home – run your own community magazine.

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  14. Steve Sherron says:

    I have my opinions on Twitter that are not always main stream and status quo. I don’t always like it. I do like the uses mentioned in your article. I think it’s a fine line between Social Media & Marketing. I do like to follow a business on Twitter who gives me value such as letting me know that fruit smoothies are half price from 2-4 on Friday afternoon. I could argue that at this point it is more marketing than SM but I will take care of the social part when I go buy my smoothie. I do follow you on Twitter and Facebook. I tend to like Facebook more because I got to see the pic of your son tonight wearing his Arizona State shirt.
    .-= Steve Sherron´s last blog ..Turning Point 1st. Annual “Sing Out Against Domestic Violence.” =-.

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