Tracking Results from Your Top Pitch Decks

Much has already been discussed online about how to create a memorable pitch deck: the tried and tested methods including optimum number of slides, one idea per slide, visualizing information using icons instead of bullet points, whether to use animations, among other things. But let’s say you’ve done your research and constructed what you think is a winning deck — how can you really be sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to for your business? How do you track your pitch deck’s success? You can’t exactly sit with a stopwatch and time customer interactions with each slide in your presentation. But you can use an online platform to ensure your slide deck content is curated and optimized to show your assets in the most updated, best-possible light. It may not always be possible to know how, and how long, your slides are viewed by prospective customers. But if your sales team uses a mobile sales enablement app, you can track your slide content and consequently generate useful data  — which presentations are used the most? Which ones the least? Who on your team is using decks particular the most? Your salespeople are a great resource of learning. Your best team members may gravitate to a particular presentation, and if your “top closers” are using one pitch deck over another, that’s an indication of the pitch deck’s quality and value — and you should know about it. A sales enablement app also solves some of business’ most annoying issues, such as the classic “Where is/who has the latest version of the deck?”. You can track presentation versions and content changes. Analytics may show there are people who need more training, or you may want to access an overview of your account’s activities. All of this data can be collated to determine the answer to the golden question: Which combination of slides resulted in the most sales conversions? Through a sales enablement app, you can gain insight into how your content is viewed and shared by your sales team. Your marketing and sales team can easily measure and optimize sales content using intuitive in-depth analytics. An app that measures and tracks your sales assets is the ideal way to know optimize and organize your sales assets. Avalaunch Media provides a clean, attractive app platform — which can be customized with your branding — specifically to display and control sales content. From this app, you can share your content, including pitch decks, with anyone you wish. A sales enablement app helps handle the asset management role as your business develops. And importantly, you can control which assets are used. In business, repurposing or updating a deck is common practice, but it is a challenge to keep track of assets and make sure outdated versions are not still in circulation. Using a sales enablement app means that when you’re ready to authorize, share, or remove any presentations, you can easily add users, revoke an app user, or delete the app from any users device at any time. That way, you have a good handle on how your business is being presented, and you’re maximizing your chances of sales success. The Avalaunch app also addresses the issue of PowerPoint functionality being lost across platforms. The app seamlessly converts your PowerPoint to HTML5, retaining your notes and narrations, presentation videos, jump links, hot spots, and custom transitions. You don’t have to worry about adjusting any of your PowerPoints — just upload, and your reps have instant access after syncing their mobile devices. It’s never too early to consider how you plan to keep track of your sales assets, storing, using and tracking them in a highly-organized way. As soon as a new business’ very first pitch deck is complete, it’s good practice to employ a mobile sales enablement app to track presentation success. As business booms, your app continues to keep your sales assets just how you need them.