Get Siri’ous About Yelp

I will be diving deeper into Siri Optimization during my SMX East 2012 Local U presentation in a little less than two weeks from now on October 1st, but here is something to think about.  With the new iOS 6, Siri and Yelp are about as integrated as you can get.  Yelp was all giddy about it today too.  From all my searches, right now mostly only searches for restaurants can you see how apparent this is (new looking border for the Yelp powered results AND Yelp logo at the bottom), and how things have changed.  You might hate Yelp, but this makes you pay attention to them for sure.  I will post my slide deck after the conference, but pay attention to this.  I think its a “siri”ous move by Apple.

Yelp and Siri iOS 6
Yes You Need To Care About Yelp Now

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