I Am Still Proud Of My Arizona Cardinals

If you are a lover of football – especially the NFL you enjoyed the Superbowl last night.  That was one of the best games I have watched all year.  Exactly what you would expect from a Superbowl!  I am sad that my Cardinals did not win, but the Steelers did an amzing job pulling off a last minute victory touchdown after all hope had seemed to be gone for them.  Thats just how things went this year in the NFL – it was a crazy year with an even crazier ending!

Here is a picture my daughter drew rigth before the game, and I never felt so bad in my life when I saw her crying after the Cardinals loss.  My son too – they were so into it this year.  They are begging for season tickets next year.  I think the Cardinals did a good job this year making people believe, and even though they didn’t pull off a Superbowl victory – they changed football in Arizona forever!  Again, as a HUGE fan, I would like to congradulate the Arizona Cardinals on an amazing Superbowl and great year!

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

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