Your Living Proof Mental Health Awareness Event


Your Living Proof is an organization dedicated to helping families support their loved ones struggling with addiction. As part of our ongoing commitment to launching brands, people, and purposes, Avalaunch Media collaborated with Your Living Proof in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month to host a free community event aimed at providing addiction resources, building a supportive network, and empowering individuals in the community. Your Living Proof’s event was a beacon of hope for families affected by addiction and mental health challenges.

Our dedicated employees, clients, and community volunteers played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success. Check out this footage of the highlights, and read more about how we helped them launch the event below!

Uniting for a Noble Cause

Being uniquely positioned to help Your Living Proof, we lent our expertise by providing comprehensive marketing assets to promote the event. We helped spread awareness by leveraging our skills in crafting compelling content and invited the community to come together and support this noble cause. Our clients also contributed by sponsoring the event, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Exemplifying the Spirit of Community Involvement

Members of our team went above and beyond their marketing efforts, dedicating their time and energy to support the event. From managing event registration to distributing food and ensuring smooth operations, our volunteers exemplified the spirit of community involvement. By handling the logistics and various tasks behind the scenes, Avalaunch allowed Your Living Proof’s founders, Danny and Allison, to fully engage with attendees and bask in the success of the event.

Celebrating Success and Building Momentum

The event was an unequivocal success, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and organizers alike. Participants were not only educated about addiction and mental health challenges but also provided with invaluable solutions and resources to support their loved ones. Testimonials shared during the event proved to be deeply moving and powerful, bringing many in attendance to tears. The evening was filled with moments of inspiration and hope, creating a sense of unity among all those present.

Gratitude and Looking Toward the Future

Our commitment to this cause showcases our dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. In an email sent to Avalaunch Media after the event, Danny, the co-founder of Your Living Proof, expressed overwhelming gratitude for our unwavering support and dedication. He emphasized the immense impact that Avalaunch’s collaboration would have in the future, not only in scaling and monetizing their efforts but also in saving lives and restoring peace to countless families affected by addiction. 

Partner With Us for Meaningful Change

Our partnership with Your Living Proof for the Mental Health Awareness Month event at Kiln exemplifies the power of collaboration and community engagement. By providing our marketing expertise, enlisting sponsors, and contributing as volunteers, we demonstrated our commitment to supporting initiatives that create meaningful change. This event served as a reminder of the transformative impact that collective efforts can have in addressing addiction and mental health challenges, empowering families, and fostering a more compassionate society.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to create lasting change in our communities, get in contact with us today.