SMX Panel – What is new in social media?

Brent Csutoras: What has changed with existing platforms?
SMX: What's New with Social Media Panel
SMX: What is New With Social Media
Reddit. In the last 6 months they have released sub reddits. These are like categories. If you are not logged into Reddit the frontpage will automatically show you the top 10 reddits at any given time. Please note which categories are appearing on the homepage when people are not logged in. Digg. The recommendations section has come about in the last 6 months. They have not made many changes, because their latest round of funding has stipulated that they are profitable this year. Therefore, they are not experimenting and rather are focusing on sales. Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is going away from the tool bar. Stumble Upon has grown substantially in the last few months. Brent recommends using the Beta version. They have a new partner network – so you can get your platform or company on to it. buzz. They are now featuring 3rd party sites. They are only featuring a couple hundred corporate level sites. wykop. Polish social media site, that sent a lot of traffic for Brent over to a digg story he was behind. General practice – weak tactics are no longer working to get front page stories. Today, all of these sites are focusing on banning users that attempt to use some weak tactic. Gab Goldenberg: Recommends you read Dan Zarella’s blog – I am sure I will check it out. I found it useful that Gab pointed out that you should have a writing style and recommended news, humor, and opinion style writing seem to work best for getting traffic according to a survey on Dan Zarella’s blog. Gab released a tool called Internal Link Building (similar to Wikipedia). Chris Bennett:
Chris Bennett talking at SMX
Chris Bennett talking at SMX
Re-recommended Stumble Upon for massive traffic. Chris asks “what is your purpose” within social media? Links, branding, exposure? After you have pinpointed your purpose you must now choose the right social media outlet to achieve your goal. Now, you have to come up with a story line. Chris recommends you see which stories have already made it popular on these networks within your targeted industry. Recommends considering info graphics because readers love them. They can take interesting but complicated subjects and boil them down to a visual graphic that people like. Obviously, Chris recommends using his tool, Social Media for Firefox, to help you get involved more heavily in the social media world.

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