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The Story Behind #Avalaunchgivesback / Corporate Giving Guide

Avalaunch Gives Back to the Community Several years ago, my uncle and I were on a roadtrip to Las Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament. We spoke about many things—our favorite movies, family gossip, who we thought would win the tournament, and countless things I can’t remember—but I will never forget the conversation […]

Welcoming Janet Thaeler Avalaunch Style

Avalauch Media has an announcement – we have a new member of the team! Janet Thaeler (@Newspapergrl) is a veteran blogger and social media enthusiast. The only real question is; what should her title be? We thought of a few possibilities: Yeti Handler Chief of Idea Generation Guru of Brainstorming Director of Buzz Creation Chief Pinner […]

4 Tips for Top-Notch Infographics

Last Thursday, I had a great lunch with a few of the digital marketing stars over at Xango. Much of our conversation centered around effectively utilizing infographics. Later that afternoon, I realized we had touched on four of my favorite techniques for producing top-notch infographics and thought I’d share them with inquiring minds everywhere — 1. […]

7 Tips for Creatures of Habit to Find Creativity

I have surprisingly clear memories of the first time I saw the original Planet of the Apes.  I was sick, home from school, and looking for something to watch on cable.  I am sure that I chose Planet of the Apes just because I liked to watch Animal-Planet-type shows, and I probably thought I knew […]

Common Content Marketing Myths and Crazy Yeti Sightings

As a business person or marketing professional you hear a lot about how social media strategies are changing the word-of-mouth advertising game and how “effective SEO” has really gone back to its white-hat, content marketing roots. Despite all of the chatter, many companies fail to buy in to using content marketing because they either 1) […]

Gila Monsters Go Back To The Place Where It All Began

*Update View the Presentations for the event here: Leveraging the power of SEO with your local business (by Matt Siltala) View more presentations from Dream Systems Media Social media-roi by David Mink View more presentations from Dream Systems Media Some pictures from the event: Just about 24 hours from now Matt and I will once again […]

Legal Issues of Domain Names and Trademarks – Pubcon Vegas 2011

Privacy Law Developments – Las Vegas PubCon 2011 – My powerpoint aims to provide a synopsis on some of the most recent and relevant privacy law developments affecting Internet business and marketing — from security breach notification statute amendments to the SEC’s Guidance on cyber security and disclosure. Legal issues of domain names & trademarks View more presentations from Dream […]

Mediation, Arbitration, or Litigation?

As an attorney, I am often asked my opinion as to how people should go about resolving legal disputes.  This info-graphic created by Nielsen & Senior (a Utah law firm) does a good job of walking one through the pros and cons of the three legal dispute resolutions (mediation, arbitration, and litigation).  Now you know!

My WPN Interview – The FTC’s New Internet Endoresement Guidelines

Back in February I was asked to sit down with Mike McDonald of WebproNews to discuss the FTC’s new Internet endorsement guidelines. We also got into some of the new state “privacy laws” being passed (by Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Nevada) requiring encryption of sensitive personal data and more informative privacy policies. I haven’t heard anything […]

New .co top level domain will soon be available!

As you know, “co” is the standard abbreviation for company and .co will soon be available as a top level domain (“TLD”)! Up until now, this TLD has only been available within Colombia as the country’s ‘code’. This new TLD will provide a big traffic opportunity for business owners and search marketers as .co is […]