• Jan 31 2013

    Respond to My Social Media Faux Pas? #Bqhatevwr!

    January 31, 2013 | Shaine Alleman

    Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Senator, had a pretty interesting weekend…and for the rest of us, we still don’t know what happened. Before the elections last year, it was quite apparent that most of Br[ ... ]

  • Sep 30 2009

    Are You Causing Your Own Reputation Problems?

    September 30, 2009 | Matt Siltala

    It’s no secret, I love Yelp, and have been an active Yelper since April of 2008.  I was reading a discussion on my local Yelp thread today about about a business going in and creating 9 different profiles, and sub[ ... ]

  • Jun 22 2009

    Can You Benefit From Negative Reviews?

    June 22, 2009 | Matt Siltala

    Today I read a post by Matt McGee – 5 Ways Negative Reviews Are Good For Business – I just want to expand on one of them here, but hat tip to Matt for posting this.  It really is worth a read! The point I wa[ ... ]

  • Dec 19 2008

    Utah Jiffy Lube owner, concerned about reputation management, calls me back

    December 19, 2008 | David Mink

    For those of you who read yesterday’s blog post, you know that I have had a major bone to pick with the Highland Utah Jiffy Lube. If you are interested in following the saga here is a short update. Today I received[ ... ]

  • Dec 17 2008

    4 Reputation Management Questions Answered By Andy Beal

    December 17, 2008 | Matt Siltala

    I want to thank Andy Beal for taking time out of his very busy schedule to answer some reputation management questions for me with this guest blog post today.  I have received, (and had on my mind) many questions about [ ... ]

  • Nov 18 2008

    Superstition Springs Lexus Of Mesa Arizona Needs To Learn A Lesson

    November 18, 2008 | Matt Siltala

    Ok, I am usually not one for ranting, and especially ranting and then blogging about it but this one has a lesson to be taught so that is why I am going to rant away! So my Lexus is letting me know its time to take it in[ ... ]