Want to Convert? Attract the Right Traffic

I was looking at my Google Analytics to get the top 10 sources of traffic to my web site. Then I looked at the different sources to see how long people stayed on my site from each source. I found that there was a huge difference in the quality of people depending on the source. Twitter sent me lots of traffic but the average time spent on my site was just seconds. Compare that to another site that had people who stayed 4 minutes on average on my site. I can now see where to focus my linkbuilding and build my credibility.  I’ll focus on the sites that are sending me quality traffic – it’s much easier to convert. Think of them as warm leads. This is the audience who will read my blog posts, come to my webinars and who I have built trust with (maybe even buy my online PR book). I can build that relationship by offering to guest post, commenting on their content and otherwise Develop a list of contacts to build out your network. I like JibberJobber as a CRM to help manage my contacts. Then when you have an article or are starting a new campaign, be sure to contact your network to let them know. If you’re like me my networks are different on every site I’m on and I need to keep track of them. Where is your audience online – where are the people you want to reach? Are they on forums? Commenting on blogs? On Facebook? You need to know. This post has a list of tools to help you find your audience online. Here are some tools that I like: Backtype – You can search for people and follow them to see where they comment. When you hear someone speak or read their blog, find them here and see the places they visit online. If they are new to you see if it’s a valuable place for you to network too. Twitter Grader helps you find Twitterers by location and other categories. TweetReach helps you find the people who are tweeting most about a topic. You can put in a hash tag like #SEO and on the right hand side you’ll see who is tweeting about SEO. It shows the numbers of times they’ve used the hash tag. Then follow them. You can also search for your name, your competitors name, etc. Find the community that likes you and start building relationships. And while you’re at it, if you liked this article, you can join my community. www.Facebook.com/OnlinePRBook or on Twitter at @Newspapergrl.

3 thoughts on “Want to Convert? Attract the Right Traffic

  1. Steve Sherron says:

    Social media traffic is not always very useful. I seem to upset people when I disparage Twitter and the like but when people find me organically because I fit the criteria of what they were actually searching, I gain readers, friends and sometimes convert a sale. If I find you because I clicked a Twitter friends link, I’ll take a glance and probably click away. If I Google you and find you, I’ll stick around a while.
    .-= Steve Sherron´s last blog ..Turning Point 1st. Annual “Sing Out Against Domestic Violence.” =-.

  2. Alex says:

    I couldn’t agree enough. All these traffic schemes where people sign up to receive 1000s of visits in exchange for visiting 1000s of other sites don’t work because noone has any intention of taking any action when theyve visited the site!

    “If I find you because I clicked a Twitter friends link, I’ll take a glance and probably click away. If I Google you and find you, I’ll stick around a while.” – because you are actively seeking something and in a different frame of mind to someone who is just casually clicking on links.

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Hey Janet,

    Great post!

    I find twitter traffic only hang around for a few seconds also 🙁 But occasionally I have had a few people from twitter opt-in to my list.

    A couple of nice little tools you have recommended there also, I think they will come in useful 🙂

    Talk soon,

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..7 Step Success Formula =-.

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