Google Instant Serving Up Instant Trash For The Kids

Google Instant Serving Up Instant Trash For The Kids

Ok, been saving my comments about Google Instant, but got a SERP “instant” result today that was to good to keep to myself. I missed the Sundevils game last night, so I wanted to check out the score this morning. I go to Google and start typing in …. well, see for yourself.

Sundevils Instant Search serving up Instant Trash
Instant Google Search for Arizona State Sun ...

Just what you want your little kids seeing when they go to Google and check out the scores too huh??? But even more annoying? The “Instant” SERP image result (of these two girls paying swords with their tongues) is almost 3 years old. (look at the arrow) nice job on this Google.

Google Image Search Trash Instant Results
Trash results

I was not “instantly” serves the scores from last nights game, or even given relevant results, instead I was served trash!  I am with Graywolf, I wish we had Google Understand, instead of Google Instant.  I still don’t know the game of the score because I saw this “Instant” SERP result and got distracted and started writing this rant post.  Again, great job Google.  Great job!