Too Many Idiots Are Running Corporate America

Too Many Idiots Are Running Corporate America

I am convinced of it. I had a conversation earlier this week with an individual I will call “Frank” – I do not want to share his real name here without his permission – who had it out with two of his bosses. A few weeks ago these Corporate bunnies tried to scare Frank by threatening his job (even though Frank is the highest producing sales person), cutting back his hours, and adding more responsibilities. They told Frank that he was lucky to still have a job with all the cutbacks going on.

Really? That might be the case for a lot of people, but Frank is the highest producing sales person on the entire sales team, has been with the company for over a decade, and understands sales better then anyone I know. YET, they want to threaten him with his job. It is fairly obvious that these Corporate America big wigs have a personality clash with Frank, after stating things like – “sales numbers don’t matter to us”. WTF? Again, I ask … REALLY? When do sales numbers not matter? When does making money for the company that is supposedly struggling NOT MATTER? Idiots…..

If Frank is doing something that is not liked by the boss, tell him, so he can improve (but they won’t). But then again I guess these guys are not looking to improve his performance and sales, as they already said that was not what they wanted. How stupid do you think people are?

If you don’t like a person – stop dancing around and just tell them to their face and fire them. Are you worried about a lawsuit or do you just not have the balls to man up and fire someone? Fire your top producing sales person, because they rub you the wrong way? You don’t like their attitude? You want them to work longer hours? Again – TOP PRODUCING SALES PERSON. What part of that don’t you get Mr. Corporate America Pig?

The real kicker here:

These idiot bosses tried to tell Frank that they do not want anyone working for them that does not want to work more hours for less pay. WHO WANTS TO WORK MORE HOURS FOR LESS PAY? Way to motivate your employees!

I am glad I do not work for Corporate America, but here is my suggestion for those that are running it in this economy – please don’t try to scare your employees into working harder, that is generally not a tactic that will bring you the type of lasting results you want. If times are rough – bring people in and talk about it. Ask for their help sincerely, and leave out the threats. ¬† You might be surprised how much further that approach will go, rather than coming into the office, demanding your employee’s work more hours for less pay, and not-so-gently reminding them¬† that “if they don’t like it they can leave.”

Here is your sign Mr. Corporate America!

(Ok my rant is over and I feel better now ) THE TRUTH – I do not think ALL Corporate America bosses are idiots, obviously there are thousands of brilliant people heading the great businesses all over this country – but these particular ones are, and recently there have been a lot of Frank-like stories circulating as a result of the general paranoia hitting a lot of Corporate America.