If You Haven’t AVA Fish Fry’ed, You Haven’t Lived

By Shauntel Isham (newest employee of Avalaunch Media) If there is one thing I have learned in my professional career, it is that the culture of a company is number one for the utmost success. After spending one short day with the employees of the Avalaunch Media, I knew it was the place I needed to be.

Change is essential and necessary for growth

After outgrowing a company I had worked at for over a year, I was on the hunt for a fresh start. While enduring the grueling interview process of several companies, I came across Avalaunch Media, whose ethics and culture screamed at me from my first encounter. The interview process with the management of Avalaunch was so energizing and exciting, leaving me increasingly anxious with desire for the position. I was pleased to find out that my enthusiasm for the position was reciprocated and I was given an offer. HOLLA! On my first day of the job, I was graced with the invitation to attend the Annual Avalaunch Fish Fry. The event was to be held up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Jason Coulam’s family cabin amidst Mother Nature’s vibrantly changing colors. The drive was breathtaking and the air was crisp, with the kiss of fall in the air.  When we made it to the cabin, my arrival was the furthest thing from crisp. Every member of the team was over-the-top warm and inviting. Instantly, I felt embraced into my new Avalaunch family. The program opened up with shoutouts to kick off the day by highlighting all company wins. Every member from each team had a voice and comfortably gave kudos to their teammates for their outstanding performance.   Every year, the Yeti Award is given to the most valuable member of the team who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding efforts. The award was given to Andy Melchior, one of Avalaunch’s owners, for his exceptional efforts to help run the company as a well-oiled machine. Every person at the cabin had something good to say about Andy and all of the work he puts into Avalaunch.  

There is power in positivity 

The guest speaker, Randy Garn, came and gave the team words of motivation for a company victory. He touched on points of positivity and setting the tone of the workplace by avoiding complaining and always bringing a solution to the table. Growth as a company is accomplished through change and sticking together through the fatal funnels of a growing business. He suggested focusing the company vision toward streamlining communication in the workplace for optimal success. When working toward the common goal of growth, every member of the team must bring their A-game.  

New paradigm: Work hard so you don’t have to work hard

CEO David Mink tied the presentation together by showcasing new company goals and milestones to revamp and energize the team, who committed to giving their 100 percent effort to kick it up a notch. The team came together for a HOO-RAH and enjoyed the most delicious halibut the world has ever seen. Get in my belly.

Synergy is the blood flow of any business

  The energy at the Fish Fry was almost tangible, with every member of the team eager to contribute their ideas in preparation for Avalaunch’s takeoff. In my personal opinion, the element of synergy in a team setting is the fundamental key to growth and fulfillment—hands-down! Avalaunch lives and breathes synergy while cohesively aligning each of their employees with their skills and passions, creating a beautiful tapestry of unity. Synergy is the blood flow of Avalaunch Media. That is why I had to become a part of it.      

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