I want to make millions blogging

I want to make millions blogging, wait BILLIONS!
Have you ever heard that statement? Apparently, there are lots of people looking for ways to “make money online” – just look at the keyword research on the Google Keyword Tool results: 1,220,000 searches per month on average for the specific phrase “make money online” (and look at all the other long-tail phrases too). Now THAT’S a niche worth pursuing, don’t you think? Ha! I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the last five years helping them start an online business. Of course, they all want to make money online; however, the ones that really do it follow this simple advice about success:
Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. – Henry David Thoreau
But what does that really mean? It means GET OFF YOUR BUTT and START WORKING!

Making Money Online Interview

From time to time I like to interview people that I respect, people that are in the process right now of making money online – some of them TONS of it. I did a quick chat/email/twitter interview with some of my contacts the other day and ask this simple question:
If there was one thing you could tell a person who wants to “make money online” – what would it be?
Thanks to all the people in advance for their simple, direct, and straight forward answers. Here’s the list of people who answered so you can browse conveniently: Darren Rowse: take a long term view of it most of the misconceptions and disappointment that I see have to do with unrealistic expectations back to top of list Aaron Wall: I think focusing on those 3 words (and the mentality of them) will lead one to shark infested waters, where people who are willing to lie to them to make a buck will sell any dream they are dumb enough to buy, but without any intent to deliver on the promises in the sales letters. Rather than looking for a universal or easy way to make money, a far better strategy is to look into ones own experiences and passions and see if there are any ways to leverage them to make the associated markets smoother. Focus on adding value and then some of the business stuff should fall into place. IMHO back to top of list Ann Smarty: Work hard? Seriously I think you can achieve anything by simply taking effort. All you need is to know what you need and the desire to get it… back to top of list Muhammad Saleem: What you’re passionate about isn’t necessarily profitable. Yes, it’s something nice we all say and we like to believe but it is simply not true, I learned that the hard way. Certain platforms for expression and certain verticals within those are profitable and others simply aren’t. Be passionate but be realistic…I thought some honesty would be good for a change, haha back to top of list Mat Siltala: Find a un-exploited niche and be the authority on it through a blog. Focus on gaining readers and trust first. back to top of list Joanna Lord: make sure you love the topic…you cant work your ass off at something that you grow bored of. money follows passion. 😉 back to top of list Alysson Fergison: Don’t believe any claims of a “turnkey solution”. Making money online is no easier than making money offline & it often takes more work…time & dedication than any traditional job outside the home. Being able to work in your PJs at 3:00 am if you so choose is a nice perk. 🙂 back to top of list Alan Bleiweiss: follow your passion and your intuition. be willing to accept the emotional roller coaster. believe in the possible. yet just as important as all the rest, understand it takes dedication and near obsessive focus. back to top of list Shana Albert: Get ready to work harder than you ever had before. Surround urself with ppl that have been there and succeeded…. learn what worked 4 them back to top of list Janet Meiners: that, like anything else it’s a lot of consistent work & that most don’t make enough to quit their day jobs – they are just the ones you hear about… it’s totally realistic to make money online though (you should ask my friend Sheri who’d gone from 2500 a month to over $5k a month as of Dec & now I bet it’s $8k a month) back to top of list Ash BucklesAsh Buckles: Never believe what you read. Test everything. And don’t rely on any one product/vendor/offering. back to top of list     Russ Page: Make sales. The most important thing you do before you invest hours and hours of time into marketing, design or copy, etc… is to make sure someone is willing to buy what you’re selling. back to top of list   Collin Kartchner: “Get in line, pal.” back to top of list


  • You can make money online.
  • It can be A LOT of money.
  • It will take time to develop in most cases.
  • It can be helpful to know the right people.
  • Doing something you’re passionate about is helpful, but may not be the most profitable thing.
  • “Turn-keys” and “Get-rich-quicks” are CRAP at best!
  • Be ready to work hard!
Thanks to all those who participated in this interview. Your responses are greatly appreciated. To me, the bottom line answer to making money online is simple:

Be ready to work, find something you’re interested in, and start making connections.

How are you making money online? Nate Moller has been teaching clients how to start an online business for over five years. He’s worked with thousands of clients who are at “square one” of their online marketing journey and helped them see six figure results with their businesses online. Follow Nate on Twitter and stay tune for his free ebook about Building on Professional Website in One Hour or Less!

14 thoughts on “I want to make millions blogging

  1. Nate Moller says:

    @Andrew Hall
    Thanks for the comment Andrew. “Shark infested waters” is an UNDERSTATEMENT in my opinion. I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen and heard from internet marketers who, at the time, I felt were pretty ethical.

    Their “excuse” is – “It’s just business…”

    We’ll check out your article too – thanks for sharing it!

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  4. Nate says:

    @Mandi Hudson
    I agree, ESPECIALLY if you’re just getting started in online marketing. I think it’s easier to get in to other areas once you’ve got past the learning curve of “What it takes to start an online business”. Then, knowing that, you can practice the same strategies but learn a new industry and develop passion for it too.

    Appreciate the comment!

  5. Danny Dengozpa says:

    good article and almost all the points have been covered. most important thing you mentioned “things take time”… most of the time I have seen that people get really impatient and demanding.

  6. Shiva @ Webmaster Tips says:

    I can find one main key in all of them’s words “Passion and doing the things that interests you” and they are right, excelling in what one is interested is the best way to get back money but the only thing is that he should learn the technique to leverage his interest in a profitable manner. And yes, it is important to keep realistic goals, only then will things work out

  7. Steve says:

    It has taken me 4 years to learn this internet business. I am very concerned about the rip off merchants out there. However there is great content on this website and I commend you. Anyone who genuinely gives back is number one in my book.


  8. Keith says:

    I like Mat Siltala advice, of dominating a small niche. I have just recently done this myself and I rank number one for my keyword. The only problem is the commission on the product is in cents, rather than dollars. That was probably why no one else had probably entered into the niche, before me.

  9. Angel says:

    Great post Nate 🙂
    Unfortunatelly while i love showing to other people what they can achieve with just a blog, they tend to just write two posts and then just quit.
    Well patience is a virtue!

  10. Dean says:

    Does anyone know of anyone who made good money at internet marketing that landed in it without too much difficult or work? I think it gets more complicated everyday with Google changes, social media, and mobile marketing. At the same time I see huge opportunity which keeps me searching for my pot of gold.

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