What Exactly Do I Do All Day? (Pic According To My Daugher)

My daughter drew this picture today, and when I asked her what it was; she told me: “It’s what you do all day, don’t you know that?”  Point taken!  I just think its funny how she has my companies (Dream Systems Media) Logo included, and my picture (like on profile sites)  Its funny, cause its pretty good drawing of what I am doing most everyday.  Love how she included the GOATIE too!!!  When I asked her what it all was, and to explain it, she said its you on those sites you are always on that have your picture and friends. …. OH, and Google she says.  Again, love it!  BTW – is that a Mac? 🙂

What Daddy Does All Day!
What Daddy Does All Day!

4 thoughts on “What Exactly Do I Do All Day? (Pic According To My Daugher)

  1. Dataflurry says:

    LOL – too funny. My parents think that since I work from home my life is great and easy and I just play all day, they don’t understand I too have deadlines, goals to meet and some stress – lol

  2. Remco de Vries@online marketing says:

    Oh..really funny daughter.It only tells that your baby are now aware of this newly technology and that she knew what is your works all day.Sounds funny but true that most people find it fun just facing the P.C whole day.And for me its great because you can explore different things but don’t abuse what internet could give.I found this online marketing coaching in which tells me more another way to find funny yet useful marketing in the internet.It’s one way of engaging yourself in another way of internet marketing.