Don’t let Google catch you with your website’s pants down

I came across this website (pictured below) today while looking for a local business to help with a pool issue I am having. I wanted to give them my money, I wanted to pay them and become a loyal customer, but could never do so after what I saw.

This problem goes way beyond this business not receiving my money.  Let me be very clear, that by not paying attention and monitoring the activity on your website, you can get penalized (even banned from Google) for spammy activity.

Imagine if you were browsing the web and come across this site, and took a look at their guestbook… Would you feel safe filling out their form? If you are like me, you might actually be wondering if they are even in business anymore since they don’t maintain their website. The point is, the site does not do a very good job of making you feel comfortable calling them and that is where they lose business. What if those links are pointing you to porn? If you own this business I can’t imagine that is what you want.

monitor and maintain your website
You must monitor and maintain your website.

This reminds me of…

My Mom use to leave a bowl of candy out during Halloween (when she couldn’t be there to pass it out) and she would leave a note saying, “Please only take one.” Of course, the next day at school some of my friends would make comments like “tell your Mom thanks for all of the candy.'”  You would like to think that people are going to play nice, but many are not, and this is why you must monitor and maintain a website.

So I beg you, if you are a small local business with a website, go check it out now.  Make sure your site is not full of comment spam or garbage like this.  It does not take much time to look over your website once a day to make sure nothing is wrong.  Get in that habit and you will convert customers when they hit your site.

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  1. Jacob Arvin says:

    I would hope this information would be obvious to anyone trying to earn money line–it does not get more basic than this!

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