Google Offers Live in Portland & New York Is Next

Google Offers Quick Facts:

How is it Promoted?

• Email to Subscribers • Google shopper app. • Google network

Businesses can Limit the offer:

• Limit how many offers sold • Limit Redeemable by date • Limit on Areas Serviced* • Limit Uses Per Customer

*important for pest control guys

Offer runs for a 24 hour window.   The primary way they will promote the offer is via emails to subscribers. Email, according to social media studies, is still the most used social media vehicle. (*CMB Consumer Pulse 2010 ) If the local business makes the offer juicy enough then the business can anticipate that coupon lovers will forward the deal out to their friends and family. This method is ideal for local businesses as the consumers are spreading it by digital word of mouth and are pre-qualifying the target audience for the local business. It is important to note that Google Offers does not appear to be promoted anywhere in search results for that local business. The offer does not even show on the advertiser’s place page. So promotion through the “Google network” remains unclear and may or may not include content network ads. Google Offers  is indeed very similar, almost duplicate content similar, to Groupon. And rumor has it that a Google Offers Manager left Google to go to Groupon. So the rivalry between the two is even more heated. And one extra juicy tip, Groupon Reviews show up on local search in the business Google Places Page. Google has not stated that they will be soliciting reviews from new customers aquired through Offers. Local businesses that use Google Offers should note that customers that come through the Offers deal will be using Google checkout. Which means Google is sharing their valuable users with you.  

Business Splits Deal with Google

Similar to Groupon, the advertiser’s deal must be approved, which means a 50% to 60% discount on services or products. According to Googler Rep based in Logan Utah, Google takes a chunk of that money upon check out. The advantage for businesses is advertising that is producing quantifiable results. If it does not produce a buyer then there is no cost to the advertiser. The business only takes a hit on profits to get people through the door. It is very similar to giving away free samples in the hopes that the consumer will buy more, and more, again and again. In fact, the Offers outbound call center is targeting local businesses with positive online reviews hoping those businesses will understand the value of retaining a customer.

Bonuses for Local Businesses

How would you like to be a business with a 360 degree view of the interior of your shop? Yes, the Google Offers team is making it happen. Check it out now: Look inside
Google 360 Interior Images now showing in Offers.
Google 360 image in offers, and bonus they upload the images to your Google Places page. Although they are not uploading the 360 to place pages yet. Check out the photos section on the Sultan Cafe’s Place Page The photo author is Google. It was sometime ago when rumors of Google taking interior photos began. In order to jump in line for the interior photos you’ll have to test the Google Offers. If you want more info then you can watch the Google Offers for Business Promo Video.

Where is Google Offers headed Next?

(Per their drop down menu) • NYC Downtown • NYC Midtown • NYC Uptown • Oakland / East Bay • San Francisco

Beyond that the public doesn’t know where or when Google offers will hit next. Again, rumor has it that due to the manager leaving Google the future locations and launch dates of those locations is very tight lipped. Hopefully Austin, San Antonio, and Houston will hit before the summer pest control season is out. Then Bulwark Exterminating can really dig in and see how successful a Google Offer campaign can be.

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