Google Properties vs Not Google Properties in the Local SERPs

It is pretty clear that Google wants you to stay on Google.  I miss the days of doing a search for something local and actually finding it with one click.   You know the whole movement to shop local & avoid big brands and get back to main street?  This really makes me wanna start a similar campaign.

Not many non Google Results these days
Google vs Not Google Results

4 thoughts on “Google Properties vs Not Google Properties in the Local SERPs

  1. Mike Blumenthal says:

    Does your search result just show that very few elictricians have claimed their listing in the Google +local (places) dashboard?

    Is not another way to look at this search result is that even though very businesses have websites or have bothered to claim their listings, Google is still showing uber local results?

  2. Nyagoslav says:

    IMHO, it is the easiest to see the very wrong and removed perception of Google of the real world through their local search results. Especially in the smaller town areas.

  3. Michael Hall says:

    I’ve noticed that local listings have made a big splash as of late in the real estate industry. I think it’s great, as many of the top results come from big real estate websites like Trulia and Zillow that push out the smaller, but more relevant, local real estate websites.

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