Blendtec, creators of “The World’s Most Advanced Blender,” looked to Avalaunch Media to help them sell 800 units of their brand-new Blendtec GO Jar. As per the promotion, the units all needed to be sold within four days of the launch.


To get Blendtec’s new blender jar sold—and fast—the Avalaunch team dove right in. They put together an innovative remarketing strategy.

The Avalaunch team created video assets and three static banners for carousel ads: recipes for margaritas, blended coffee, and protein smoothies. And if customers visited Blendtec’s website but didn’t go through with a purchase, Avalaunch was ready with cart abandonment ads.


Avalaunch’s remarketing strategy didn’t just meet Blendtec’s goals and timeframe—it exceeded everyone’s expectations. All 800 units sold out within 48 hours of the promo’s launch, and 406 of those sales were directly because of the campaign.Blendtec received a 1,742% return on ad spend!  The Google AdWords paid search ads saw a click through rate of 4.2%, as well as 192,158 impressions.

Because the Avalaunch team was able to reach consumers through remarketing strategies, eye-catching video assets, and multiple carousel ads, Blendtec gained new customers and reinforced their value among existing fans.