10 Best Content Marketing Campaigns of 2016

If technology has taught us one thing, it’s that people hate advertisements. Well, that’s not 100 percent true. People just hate bad advertisements. Each year there are a handful of great ads that captivate the nation and sometimes the world. There are several key components that go into the best content marketing campaigns: stunning visuals, a captivating script, and an emotional tie-in.

This year has been no exception to great content marketing campaigns. Here are 10 campaigns that caught our attention, that every marketer can learn from.

Always: Like a Girl 

The “Like A Girl” campaign was created to help girls break the stereotypes and the limits that society places on them. The limits are even being pushed on young girls in their phone, and Always is here to break them.


Deadpool: Their Whole D@mn Campaign 

The marketing team for the movie Deadpool deserve an award. They took a foul mouthed, shoot-em up action movie and tried to turn it into a romantic comedy. They also abandoned the standard marketing speak and followed the course of the crass superhero in overly suggestive ads.


Lowes: Fix in 6 

Lowes took its knowledge of “life-hacks” and turned them into six second vines for people. The “Fix in 6” campaign covered everything using coffee filters with potting soil to planting lemon grass to keep mosquitos away.


JetBlue: Reach Across The Aisle 

With the heated election season starting to ramp up, JetBlue wanted people to come together on one item – where they wanted to go on vacation. To get a free vacation all the passengers on the flight had to agree unanimously on where they wanted to go. It’s a good thing it wasn’t filled with politicians or else they would’ve never agreed.



Command: Hammer Time 

MC Hammer hasn’t been popular since Furbies and Beanie Babies, but Command Strips wants you to leave the hammer and save your wall. These little things are lifesavers for any homeowner and Hammer knows it.



Knorr: Love At First Taste 

We’ve all heard of love at first sight, but what about love at first taste? Knorr wanted to show people that food can bring people together, and even make people fall in love. This beautifully intimate scene shows the power of a delicious meal.


Disney: #ShareYourEars 

When two great organizations come together magic can happen, especially when one of those organizations is Disney. People were encouraged to share pictures of their iconic Mickey Mouse ears with the hashtag #ShareYourEars on Instagram. Each post earned $5 to the Make A Wish Foundation and up to a $1 million donation.



Doritos: Crash The Super Bowl 

This campaign ran for 10 years and was a huge success. Doritos decided to open up their Super Bowl commercial spot to two lucky filmmakers each year and letting people vote on their favorite to be featured during the big game. Allowing user generated content helped create buzz before the game as well as after it.


Reebok: 25,915 Days 

The average human lifespan is 71 years. That works out to be 25,915 days, and Reebok wants you to take advantage of every single day. Along with the compelling ad they also created a tool for you to calculate how many days you have left. The tool accomplished its task, but also captures email address for Reebok to use in the future.



JetBlue: Fly Babies 

Being a mom is difficult, and flying with a small child is near exhausting. Most people cringe at the thought of flying across country with a crying baby. JetBlue decided to change that and reward passengers with 25% off their next flight for each baby that cries on the flight. So, instead of having frustrated passengers when a baby cries there was nothing but smiles.



We hope you enjoyed these campaigns as much as we did. There is much to learn from great campaigns, and these were truly top-notch.