Influencer Marketing is Evolving and #Trending, and Showing No Signs of Decline

With so many marketing strategies and tactics floating around, it can be difficult to pick the best campaign for your brand. Traditional marketing techniques are now only part of an effective strategy. Simply “running ads” won’t cut it anymore because nearly half (47%) of online users use ad blockers. For brands to stay relevant, they […]

Tracking Results from Your Top Pitch Decks

Much has already been discussed online about how to create a memorable pitch deck: the tried and tested methods including optimum number of slides, one idea per slide, visualizing information using icons instead of bullet points, whether to use animations, among other things. But let’s say you’ve done your research and constructed what you think […]

The Ingredients of a Successful SEO Campaign

Your favorite pizza probably has flavorful sauce, exquisite melted cheese, mouthwatering toppings, and a divine crust. Even one missing ingredient can make that pizza disappointing. An SEO campaign also needs all of the ingredients in order to be successful. Read our recipe for SEO success below: Prepare Before baking a pizza, or starting an SEO […]

Digital marketing agency Avalaunch Media named on Prestigious Global Leader list

  The digital marketing landscape grows more and more competitive every day, especially with companies competing to be at the top of their industries. No matter what services you offer, marketing services are essential to a company’s success with the flourishing importance of search engines like Google and review sites like Yelp and Clutch. At […]

The Story Behind #Avalaunchgivesback / Corporate Giving Guide

Avalaunch Gives Back to the Community Several years ago, my uncle and I were on a roadtrip to Las Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament. We spoke about many things—our favorite movies, family gossip, who we thought would win the tournament, and countless things I can’t remember—but I will never forget the conversation […]

Visualizing the Future of Infographics

Digital marketing trends come and go, but one constant is that “visuals sell.” Humans have shorter attention spans these days and while we struggle to remember what we read — it’s much more likely we’ll retain what we see. We’re visual creatures. That’s why infographics continue to provide easy wins for businesses that use the […]

Executive Presentations

Powerpoint. The very word sends shivers down the spine of anyone attending a business meeting. Many write off PPT presentations as outdated, uncool or painfully boring, yet the platform, or equivalents such as Keynote, remain efficient and popular — a sales collateral mainstay. With 2018 upon us, it’s time to take stock of your pitch […]

Importance of Motion Graphic Creation

Consuming Data through Video Content There is no doubt that people are consuming more and more video content.  The U.S. film industry has surpassed 40 billion dollars in revenue.  We are exposed to numerous types of video on a daily basis, TV programming, commercials, youtube, webinars, ted talks, movies, the list goes on.  Video has […]

Dynamic Display Creation for Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Targeted Advertising: Getting Started with Dynamic Display Even if you’re convinced you have your online marketing strategy dialed in, you may want to consider another way to amp your conversions — dynamic display. Dynamic what? Dynamic display is a way of targeting your customer base by using data to drive a more relevant message to […]