what is digital marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is advertising by integrating all digital channels and techniques, such as email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and other channels to generate leads and turn them into customers. Let’s dive deeper into digital marketing and discuss common marketing strategies of today and how you can use them […]


The Benefits of Using One Agency for SEO and PPC Management

Developing an Integrated Strategy for Your PPC and SEO Campaign One of the most common questions clients digital marketers get is whether a search engine optimization (SEO) or a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is the more advantageous strategy for gaining visibility on a search engine. The answer? You need both for maximum impact; SEO and […]

SEO during a recession

Why invest in SEO during a recession?

As both the number of cases and the death tolls from COVID-19 increase exponentially, alongside massive unemployment claims as the global economy wanes, it is difficult to be optimistic today. Those in digital marketing and SEO are fortunate to easily transition to a work-from-home environment. Yet, this only delays the inevitable. We will experience a […]

Utah local SEO

A Local Utah SEO Guide to Staying in Business During Coronavirus

As the coronavirus crisis continues to escalate, many small business owners are losing hope of navigating their business successfully through the pandemic, so we have developed a local Utah SEO guide to help. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reported that on March 23, 2020, 76% of small businesses said they had already been […]

Evergreen Breakthrough on the Search for the Perfect Taco

Scott Porter has uncovered the secret to providing an extraordinary brand experience, and it’s not rocket science — but it is invaluable. In his presentation at Avalaunch Media Google Day 2020, he revealed this secret. Learn below how to create humanized experiences at every touchpoint and how caring about your customers can help you earn […]

google analytics

Turn Insights Into Action With Google Analytics

Those who aren’t taking full advantage of all the capabilities of Google Analytics (GA) are missing out on valuable business opportunities. At Avalaunch Media Google Day 2020, our resident SEO Cowboy Beau Graves provided helpful tips on using GA to turn Insights Into Action With Google Analytics about your target audience, provide a personalized business […]

content hub

The SEO’s Content Hub Playbook for World Domination

At Avalaunch Media Google Day 2020, Jared Gardner encouraged marketers to utilize evergreen content hubs to gain relevance on Google. In his presentation, he discussed ways on how to build a content hub and how it can increase traffic and give a website a competitive edge. As you’ll see below, Jared is an expert in […]

content strategy

The Content Playbook That Helped Qualtrics Earn an $8 Billion Acquisition

How are you leveraging the power of data in your thought leadership content to deliver real value? Many marketers make the mistake of solely using opinion-based data rather than data that provides real value. Justin Ethington presented at Avalaunch Media Google Day 2020 on how to earn consumer trust, improve brand experiences, capture everyone’s attention, […]

social listening

The Power of Social Listening

The Most Successful Content Begins With No Talking at All Are you aware of the holes in your content marketing? Do you know the buzz is among your consumers and what they’re talking about within your industry? Failing to practice social listening is a great pitfall among what could be highly successful companies. At Avalaunch […]