Master the Digital Journey: Attend Our Conference at Google HQ

A couple of years ago Avalaunch Media was selected by Google to become a Premier Agency Partner. As part of this partnership program, Avalaunch Media has an exclusive opportunity that any team intrigued by mastery of digital marketing should attend. The Avalaunch Media conference Mastering the Digital Journey: Full Funnel Strategies for Digital Domination is […]

The Evolution of the Blue Yeti Award

The fame. The glory. The Blue Yeti Award. Symbolizing raw talent and sheer, utter genius, the Blue Yeti Award is a revered cultural experience for team members at Avalaunch Media. Every two weeks, the company founders consult each other (and management) to identify an employee who has demonstrated effort and attitude worthy of receiving the […]

Pitch Decks: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Over the years at Avalaunch Media, we’ve produced countless visual presentations for companies large and small, aiming to transform complex, forgettable dribble to elegant, persuasive wisdom. We’ve seen all manner of decks: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And that’s great, because it means we have an important role to play in helping individuals […]

2018 Video & Design Trends

Why follow and predict design trends? Trends come and go, especially in the digital age. Outdated eyesores make for a poor user experience and, ultimately, a bad business reputation. But a lack of experimentation and imagination don’t go unnoticed either. Don’t get left behind. Customers want to know you’re paying attention to the cutting-edge developments […]

Double Diamond Digital Day with Google

Double Diamond Digital: Taking Your Customers From Base to Summit Being a Google Premier Partner definitely has its perks, including the opportunity to co-host digital marketing summits. This April we brought in the most influential minds in digital media to speak at our Double Diamond Digital Conference hosted at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts […]

Influencer Marketing is Evolving and #Trending, and Showing No Signs of Decline

With so many marketing strategies and tactics floating around, it can be difficult to pick the best campaign for your brand. Traditional marketing techniques are now only part of an effective strategy. Simply “running ads” won’t cut it anymore because nearly half (47%) of online users use ad blockers. For brands to stay relevant, they […]

Tracking Results from Your Top Pitch Decks

Much has already been discussed online about how to create a memorable pitch deck: the tried and tested methods including optimum number of slides, one idea per slide, visualizing information using icons instead of bullet points, whether to use animations, among other things. But let’s say you’ve done your research and constructed what you think […]

The Ingredients of a Successful SEO Campaign

Your favorite pizza probably has flavorful sauce, exquisite melted cheese, mouthwatering toppings, and a divine crust. Even one missing ingredient can make that pizza disappointing. An SEO campaign also needs all of the ingredients in order to be successful. Read our recipe for SEO success below: Prepare Before baking a pizza, or starting an SEO […]