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Iconic brands such as Apple, Nike, and Amazon have proven that a well-defined brand strategy can make all the difference in the world. A strong brand goes well beyond a simple logo or business card design. Your brand becomes the visual voice of your company and conveys your mission and value proposition. A strong brand creates emotion and gives you the competitive advantage you need to rise to the top of your industry.

When we launch a branding and marketing campaign, we take the time to build a comprehensive plan that tells your story with purpose and consistency. Our designers and copywriters have years of experience in crafting the perfect brand strategy for our clients. Our team will ensure that we find your visual voice and create branded company collateral that powerfully impacts your customer connections.

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Brand identity is key to making a great first impression. To help you develop a visual identity that customers remember, our designers will help you develop your logo, style guide, business cards, and even websites designed to increase brand recognition for your business.

Brand consistency is essential to sell your business effectively. To do that, our branding team takes your brand image and weaves it into print designs, presentations, project proposals, explainer videos, conference booths and brochures that are visually compelling and on-brand.

To be as effective as possible, your brand image should be recognizable in all your business assets. Our team focuses on showcasing your brand with all of your content, including white papers, infographics, eBooks, and interactive assets.

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Over the years we have partnered with Avalaunch on a number of projects. One recent project was building an advanced pitch deck for sales. We had a very short window and Avalaunch exceeded our expectations by providing a deck that was far better than we had imagined and was completed early.

I just showed the final Prezi to the team and everyone was blown away! Excellent job! The graphics are all so perfect. Thank you so much!We are very happy with this presentation!

Avalaunch designed a great presentation for our company. They were quick and professional and the presentation gave us another medium to reach our customers. Avalaunch took the time to learn about our business and the needs of our customers.

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Holly B.
Randy H.


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