• It’s never too late to be a presentation rockstar

    It’s never too late to be a presentation rockstar

    Sales and Marketing Visual Presentations  

    Mar 17 2015

    Creating an effective presentation is critical for modern-day business. With the vast amount of information available at our fingertips it is getting harder and harder to keep a person engaged and dialed in, especially to a boring presentation. Here at Avalaunch we understand that presentations are a necessity for business and they can be effective AND entertaining. Avalaunch Media was recently featured on Forbes for our presentation design and the value of a great presentation. […]

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  • Are You Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaign Structure?

    Are You Optimizing Your Facebook Ad Campaign Structure?

    Facebook PPC  

    Mar 04 2015

    It is now fast and easy with Power Editor to create Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets and ads. At no time with FB has it been easier to create and manage campaigns! As FB continues to improve their ad platform we are the beneficiaries. With the new ad structure and Power Editor there is no reason why account managers shouldn’t be test, test, testing. With all of the different targeting and A/B test options including; audiences, bidding, devices […]

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  • Is your site ready to run the SEO Marathon?

    Is your site ready to run the SEO Marathon?

    Search Marketing SEO  

    Feb 23 2015

    Now I don’t claim to be a runner – in fact the closest thing to a marathon I’ve completed was 24 hours of watching the series 24. I don’t think sitting in a lay-z-boy eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew is going to help me train for 26.2 miles of grueling pain. With that said I have had friends and family members around me that have trained for marathons. I have seen them dedicate hours […]

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  • 2015 SEO New Years Resolutions!

    2015 SEO New Years Resolutions!

    Content Marketing Search Marketing SEO  

    Feb 17 2015

    Here we are at the start of a New Year and you know what that means! It’s time to start some New Years resolutions. Many of you will make resolutions to stay in contact with old friends, spend more time with family, or the ever popular getting in shape. While you are working on those resolutions, lets consider the top 3 resolutions for your SEO strategy. 1. Run a Site Audit, with link audit included. […]

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  • Avalaunch is Storming SMX West

    Avalaunch is Storming SMX West

    Luke Alley Matt Siltala SMX  

    Jan 17 2015

    Mark your calendars. March 3-5 the Avalaunch-ers will be at SMX West in San Jose California! This event will be particularly exciting for me as this is my first time speaking at SMX West! Hopefully it won’t be my last… If people like MacGyver then they’ll love my presentation. He may or may not be making an appearance in my Pay Per Click presentation with a Paper Clip. Get it? Matt Siltala and his infamous […]

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  • Culture is King

    Culture is King


    Jan 08 2015

    Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5 and run of the mill offices full of cubicles.  The daily grind is slowly being replaced with flexible work schedules, remote work opportunities and onsite employee amenities. The workforce has spoken and company culture is at the top of the list for employees in 2014. Ping Pong Tables, Onsite Gyms and Free Lunches are making their way into the new corporate America and they have some serious […]

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  • Why Visual Content Works

    Why Visual Content Works

    Content Marketing  

    Nov 17 2014

    We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. It has never been more true for content marketing. What the picture represents in digital marketing is a thousand words of successful conversion-focused content. With the ability to upload photos and create visual images for the web, audiences are turning to visual content to attract their attention.  Most media consumption focuses on the visual. Media use is projected to rise to 15.5 […]

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  • 18 Pubcon Takeaways from the Experts

    18 Pubcon Takeaways from the Experts

    Luke Alley PPC Pubcon  

    Oct 23 2014

    If you missed Pubcon earlier this month then I feel bad for you son. You got 99 problems but finding out what happened there isn’t one. That’s because 9 experts agreed to share their top two insights from Pubcon! That’s right, one epic post with all the best of Pubcon material. If you want more you can also checkout the Pubcon 2014 Collaborative Notes where the top experts participated in taking notes from nearly every […]

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  • I Have a Dream: The Future of Google’s Call Extensions

    I Have a Dream: The Future of Google’s Call Extensions


    Oct 14 2014

    Google just announced that they will be enabling “local number call forwarding” for advertisers starting in early November 2014.   This is great news, and puts Adwords one step closer to my call extensions dream. Let me quickly tell you what the new update means for call extensions and then go into what I think the Future holds for call extensions. Google’s call forwarding is great because advertisers can get data like: call duration, call start/end […]

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  • The Simple Things in Social Go a Long Way

    The Simple Things in Social Go a Long Way

    Social Media  

    Sep 27 2014

    This year my wife and I are headed back to the amazing Hawaiian Islands to visit the beautiful Island of Maui.  This will be my first time to Maui so I am pretty excited.  I have been doing a lot of researching and reserving fun things we will be doing, but I have also been paying attention to what businesses are doing things right online and who could use some improvement. Everyone loves to over share on […]

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