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4 Reputation Management Questions Answered By Andy Beal

I want to thank Andy Beal for taking time out of his very busy schedule to answer some reputation management questions for me with this guest blog post today.  I have received, (and had on my mind) many questions about reputation management, and what normal businesses can do – including the reputation monitoring software Trackur, […]

3 Tips For Blogging In A Boring Industry

I happen to love blogging, and I think blogs are essential if you run a business online, but what do you do if your industry happens to be a borning one?  Do you give up on a having a blog?  I don’t think you should give up, I think you should try harder.  I want […]

Using Search Engines To Save Big Money This Holiday Season

I usually try to do a post about this every year around this time, and add some new information that I have learned with it a long the way too.  This year is a year of savings like no other, and everybody is looking for a deal.  People are trying to save money, and have […]

We Are Already Getting Calls Because Of Your Local Advertising Post

The whole reason I personally blog is to inform my readers of the things they need to be doing to help them increase their business online.  It really is that simple for me. I am not in it for popularity, and there is nothing (and I mean – NOTHING) that puts a bigger smile on […]

Online Reputation Management vs Brand Management

There is a lot of talk buzzing around the Internet of online reputation management, as well as brand management.  In most of the articles or blog posts I have read, I have noticed that people are confusing the two – almost blending them.  The two should not be blended, and each should have their own […]

I Visted Your Site Today, And Really Liked It…

For those of you that have been in the game (Internet marketing/SEO) for a while, just reading my title will be enough for you to guess what this post is about. Yep, you guessed it – Reciprocal linking emails and other link building offers you get in your inbox. I get these everyday too, almost […]

Free Local Marketing Options That Brings Real Traffic

Being in the industry I am, I talk with a lot of local business owners almost everyday about marketing (they are sniffing around for free tips, but I don’t mind sharing). In this economy, I have found the conversation sliding a little more to cost effective marketing tactics, if not completely free marketing suggestions. Hopefully […]

8 Steps to Ranking Domination in Shopping Networks

This holiday season a lot of etailers are counting on seeing huge traffic and revenue via shopping networks such as,,, and the like. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have a clue how to really use these networks to sell their products, and have even less ability at getting their […]

BOTW Directory Promo Code For December 2008

For those of you who love Best of the Web, (like I do) you will love this sweet little offer they are giving new sign ups for the month of December.  They are giving a 25% discount for all of their services.  From their email: Promo Code: BLIZZARD Get Started today and Save 25% on: […]