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The Difference between PPC Bid Management and Real Optimization

The term “optimization” gets tossed around quite a bit. What does it really mean? Does it just mean that you’re trying your hardest? Does it mean finding ways to make marginal improvements? Or does it mean truly achieving the best possible results by using all of the data and technology available? Last week I attended […]

SMX Session Notes: Up Close With Google AdWords Quality Score

Up Close With Google AdWords Quality Score – Google’s quality score remains a mystery to many marketers, plus Google keeps changing when and how it is used. This session takes a fresh look at the current state of quality score, how it is implemented and tips on using it to your advantage Moderator: Matt Van […]

Here Is Why You MUST Have A Facebook Page

I have a neighbor that is an amazing web developer and is so immersed in what he does, that until recently (after chatting with me) I rarely saw him do anything with social networks.  A few months ago I got him on Twitter, taught him the ropes, and he experienced immediate power and success with […]