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Google Adwords Express -The Pros & the Pests to Automated Local Advertising

Google Boost is now Adwords Express Local search marketing may be in it’s infancy for Google, but this baby is booming. In two short years they have grown through a 10-pack, to a 7-pack, to a mixed local and organic result. They have further added a revenue stream with Google Sponsored tags (Yellow tags) and […]

Facebook Facial Recognition a Privacy Issue?

Facebook recently announced it’s facial recognition software and so shouts of “Privacy Issues” are screaming across the blogosphere. But how much of a privacy issue is it?  The statement used by Facebook, “We’ve automatically grouped similar pictures”. Background, lighting, and other elements of the image can be used to group similar pictures.  In fact, Techcrunch reported […]

I want to make millions blogging

I want to make millions blogging, wait BILLIONS! Have you ever heard that statement? Apparently, there are lots of people looking for ways to “make money online” – just look at the keyword research on the Google Keyword Tool results: 1,220,000 searches per month on average for the specific phrase “make money online” (and look […]

A Lesson In Link Building

I have never been a huge fan of old school “emailing for link building” but hey, it works, and that is why people continue to do it (you know who you are). I thought I would share two stories of link building in the same industry. One that worked, and one that most certainly did […]

I Am The Duke …. According To Yelp Anyway

It is pretty awesome (to me) to see the turn that Yelp has taken lately to include features that social users love, in order to battle head on with location based gaming services/social networks like Foursquare and GoWalla.   We have all been hearing about the new titles & badges that Yelp has been talking […]

The Difference between PPC Bid Management and Real Optimization

The term “optimization” gets tossed around quite a bit. What does it really mean? Does it just mean that you’re trying your hardest? Does it mean finding ways to make marginal improvements? Or does it mean truly achieving the best possible results by using all of the data and technology available? Last week I attended […]